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Arteria Technologies: Mastering the Art of Achieving Redundancy of Resources

SI Team
Thursday, January 9, 2014
SI Team
There is a need for a technology to furnish its clients with applications that give a comprehensive set of integrated business processes and through optimum utilization of these processes, an organization can leverage the business benefits of the application. Technology in this front should be compatible to work with ERP in helping large organizations to manage operations and customer relations efficiently. The main focus areas for this productivity transcends into areas of increased flexibility resulting into Cost reduction of the enterprise, the improvement in financial management, positive benefits on ROI, better alignment of strategies and the like. Based on these parameters, the Bangalore based Arteria Technologies caters to such needs through products which work with the suppliers, dealers as well as secondary and tertiary sales. By extending the ERP which was traditionally meant for the organizations to be used within the suppliers as well as the demand side, Arteria being an exclusive SAP NetWeaver Product and service partner can rightly provide high-value strategic IT management consulting services. This ensures that the gap is bridged through Arteria being an SAP centre of excellence and not to mention its focus on NetWeaver specialized in Application Management Services (SAP) and integrated business solutions segments.

Ammunition of an Experienced Team
Arteria is loaded with a very senior team comprising of SAP-certified consultants who have cross platform expertise and in-depth multi-vertical domain knowledge. They, having been from SAP itself in their development teams throws light on Arteria's mix of industry and SAP experience; with each top executive having an average experience of 20 years. Today, the headcount stands at 300 employees and growing; they blend high value IT management consulting with right shore excellence to deliver economy and quality; therefore, in turn providing customized solutions to ensure faster ROI for its global 2000 clients.
The expertise in utilizing SAP NetWeaver technology for solving them is what distinguishes Arteria from their peers. Not to mention its unique delivery model which leverages right shoring to provide best-of-the-breed solutions that is able to achieve redundancy of resources and a 24/7 work cycle, both of which allow it to innovate continuously and execute on time.
The work cycle is elaborated through the enterprise's implementation of SAP's portal, mobility and Business Intelligence through HANA. This is applied towards verticals like automobiles, manufacturing as well as Banking and financial services. They further do public sector implementations and the rest of it comes from the array of products, implementations of their own on top of SAP and its licenses.

Leaving Footprints Globally Through an Elaborate Portfolio
The Organization has an elaborate portfolio of about 20 products being developed, of which around 15 have been certified on SAP. Rightly christened as the "Cool Vendor" by Gartner Inc., in 2013, the SAP catalyst intends to move towards being a product centric firm by currently cutting from 90 to 40 percent of their services. Presently, with established offices in Noida, Hyderabad and Mumbai in India and offshore offices in the Mexico, U.S.; the organization plans to expand further into other areas through partnerships or acquisitions particularly in Australia. With a foothold on Mexico; in the coming years the SAP catalyst is looking at Latin America along with America's to expand.

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