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September - 2007 - issue > Cover Feature

A trillion atoms, one percent of your dollars, and please be selfish

Navneet S. Chugh
Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Navneet S. Chugh
The future looks bright for the three million non-resident Indians in the U.S. If you have doubts, then look at the odds. Would you bet against a group that consists of 600,000 engineers; 50,000 doctors; 20,000 dentists; 6,000 lawyers; 5,000 pharmacists; 2,000 veterinarians; 2,000 professors; and 60,000 self employed business owners and entrepreneurs? And, remember that this group is living in a country that is the undisputed engine of the world economy and has captured 30% of the world GDP with only 5% of the world’s population.

Yes, America is great, and an average American enjoys eight times more prosperity than an average person living outside of America. The financial story of this lucky Indian group is somewhat unique in comparison. The income of the 3 million Indians in the U.S. is more than the income of 300 million people in India who are breathing at the bottom of the pyramid.

Congratulations, we have arrived. And since researchers tell us that happiness is measured by two scales – actual wealth, and how much richer we are than others, we should be very happy. So what then is the purpose of life, from here on end?

The first 99% of purpose
The first purpose of life is simple and clear. Let’s be selfish and enjoy the heck out of life. Nothing is wrong with this simple thinking. We are educated. We are smart. We are lucky. We worked, and worked very hard. We have earned it. We deserve it.
Life is a box of chocolates, says Forrest Gump. Let’s leave no chocolate unturned. A vacation house, a 12-cylinder car, a vineyard. Let’s have it all. You only live once, some people say.
Let’s not feel an ounce of guilt. Let’s relish 99% of our income or wealth.

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Reader's comments(3)
1:Well said, Navneet. A valid thought, eloquently expressed. We really need to ret Well said, Navneet. A valid thought, eloquently expressed. We really need to ret Well said, Navneet. A valid thought, eloquently expressed. We really need to ret Well said
Posted by: - 25th Sep 2007
2:It is an awesome article!!!!!!!!......i hope all the NRIs read it and realize it It is an awesome article!!!!!!
Posted by: - 21st Sep 2007
3:I found it very inspiring, brings out an important message in a light way.
Posted by: - 18th Sep 2007
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