Zimperium: Acting as the Intel-Inside of Smartphone Security

Anamika Sahu
Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Anamika Sahu
The wider smartphone adoption has triggered the spread of mobile malware. In light of this rapid growth, there is a pressing need to develop effective solutions. But due to the lack of understanding about emerging mobile malware, our defense capability is largely limited. Attacks that proved successful on PCs are now being tested on unaware mobile users to see what works. But with the number of mobile devices with poor protection soaring, mobile devices have become a haven for hackers, where they hunt the weakest point and then hone in on the most successful scams.

Since mobile security is different from traditional PC-based security, the real problem for people was that no company offered a solution to this gigantic issue, and ignorance about malicious acts complicated the situation further. Oblivious to the fact that attacks happen from different sources and not just applications, people simply screen their apps to find the malware. Looking at the problem from a broader angle, Zuk Avraham (Founder, Chairman & CTO of Zimperium) created a product called zIPSthat eliminates the entire issue,not just the application piece of the puzzle and without eating too much of the mobile battery. Unlike other applications that steal your private data with or without your permission, zIPS sits on the mobile device just like any other app without violating the privacy of the user.

Bringing Power to Your Hand

Last year, Verizon's Data Breach Investigation report stated that mobile devices are not yet a preferred vector in data breaches and have a less than 1 percent infection rate. But in the blink of an eye, the statistics have changed. The recent Ponemon Institute report stated that a single mobile device infected with malware can cost a victim organization an average of more than $9,000. CompTIA raised the alarm further in its report, stating that nearly three out of four organizations have been plagued by at least one security breach or incident in the past year, with about 60 percent of breaches categorized as serious - all thanks to BYOD.

Born to address this market, Zimperium created a platform that delivers continuous and real-time threat protection to both devices and applications. With Zimperium, leaky enterprises can protect devices against known and unknown cyberattacks and generate self-protecting applications from a single platform to boost mobile productivity, while safeguarding their data. Serving global enterprise-leaders at scale, the company's award-winning solution is based on its disruptive, on-device detection engine that uses patented, machine learning technology to protect against the broadest array of mobile attacks.

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