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Friday, February 28, 2003
si Readers

Going Back Home
Dr. Bobby Mitra’s strong case for India as a strong market for U.S. returnees is a compelling article. In many instances, the people who want to stay back are those who have come here on an H1-B and fear going back to where they came from, as the opportunities may have vanished. But for those who have gained a U.S. education, especially in a technology or professional course, this fear is baseless, as seen from Dr. Mitra’s invitation to people to come back to India. Today, India is emerging to be a strong player in design and development also, apart from offering economic services.

Dinesh Thakur,
Pune, Maharashtra

Dham’s Strategy
Upon more research, it comes to light that Dham has raised only about $8 million to invest. I wonder what he intends to achieve with so little. However, I think his plan to leverage Indian design talent is an excellent one, though how he manages to successfully complete the projects will be watched with interest. India still lacks talent in high technology design, and how Dham plans to overcome this interests me. Do keep us posted with another news bit on how he fares.

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