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XtreamIT: Your True Technology Companion

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Anamika Sahu
It is undoubtedly the freakiest days for the movie makers when it comes to releasing the movie. Questions like: What people think about the upcoming movie? How to improve their sales? How to improve social media reach for the movie? How many locations should the movie be released & several others give them sleepless nights. What they want is a magic wand that would help them retaliate to these catechisms, which can help the studios predict the opening weekend sales with 95 percent accuracy, help them with information on the exact number of locations and the right time a movie needs to be released for better sales. And believe it, Trailer Management Score - an application, XtreamIT's predictive analytics application is the unbeaten rebuttal to this quest.

Founded in 2006 as a services company in New York, XtreamIT studied the market carefully and transformed into a diversified technology company with corporate headquarters in Albany, NY, and R&D Center in Hyderabad. Today, software and product development is the core business of the company while other line of businesses includes technology consulting services.

The Diversified Superiority

"Quickly adopting to the fast changing technology landscape in SMAC was our initial hurdle. But our journey in the mobility space has been very significant as we evolved along with the technology from building light weight consumer facing applications back in 2009 to building enterprise scale mobile application today in 2015," says Javed Sikander, the charismatic CEO of the company. The simplest strategy of keeping its employees trained and up-to-date with the rapidly changing trends & mobile technologies helped XtreamIT beat this confrontation.

Customers today seek agile partners working with cutting-edge technologies, who can also help them make key technology decisions as trusted advisors. For instance, when one of the major Marketing Research Clients was looking for a partner to develop an enterprise mobility solution for their customer compliance and shopping experience surveys, XtreamIT overshadowed an existing large services company as a preferred vendor. XtreamIT developed a complete enterprise mobile solution for iOS and Android platforms along with web-based applications. XtreamIT was able to quickly understand the complexities of the enterprise business processes and develop a solution with agility at a very competitive cost and schedule. The flexibility of XtreamIT's team to work as the extension of the market research client was key in making this project successful.

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