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XebiaLabs Raises around Rs.72 Crores Growth Equity Investment by Updata Partners

SI Team
Tuesday, July 1, 2014
SI Team
The leading global provider of automation software, XebiaLabs has raised Rs. 72 crores growth equity investment by Updata Partners, a U.S. based growth equity firms. With this funding, the company can expedite fast growth globally in the rapidly expanding DevOps and Continuous Delivery market.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Boston, XebiaLabs was originally a part of Xebia, an international IT conglomerate based in the Netherlands. The 2001 born, Xebia is an international IT Service organization. XebiaLabs spun off from its parent company and now it is a stand-alone venture backed independent software company. XebiaLabs is known for its products which leverage automation, efficiency and insight organizations to quicken up and meet the demands of software deployment cycles. The company incorporates deployment, provisioning, test management and continuous pipeline orchestration to reduce development applications costs, to speed-up the application time to market and to bridge the gap between development and operations.

With over 100 percent revenue growth every year, XebiaLabs has been recognized by General Electric, Expedia, Xerox, KLM, and SociétéGénérale and by the likes of potential customers. With network of sales offices and partners in and across the globe, XebiaLabs helps the companies accelerate the rate of innovation and time to market while reducing error and downtime.

"Updata's investment is a vote of confidence in XebiaLabs and our market opportunity," says CoertBaart, XebiaLabs CEO. "Software is the most critical component to the success of many of today's organizations. Lack of automation is preventing companies from delivering software and its corresponding business value fast enough".

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