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April - 2012 - issue > Venture Beat

With Rs. 15 Crore in Funding, PixyKids Aspires to Be a Social Platform for Kids

SI Team
Tuesday, April 3, 2012
SI Team
PixyKids, an interactive and immersive social media platform where kids (6 – 12 years old) can create, share, learn, and have fun through their personalized digital space, secured financing of around Rs. 15 crore including a Rs. 10 crore investment by ATA Ventures and around Rs. 5 crore from other angel investors. Co-Founded by Rajul Kadakia, Kalpesh Savla, and Altaf Shaikh in December 2010, the company also appointed industry experts Michael Adair as Chief Operating Officer, Neil Markey as Vice President, Engineering, and Kristen Alexander as Vice President, Marketing.

The company aspires to become a premier social platform where kids can create their own content through interactive tools and apps, connect and share with family and friends, and build and publish a curated digital portfolio, all in an uninhibited yet safe manner. All kids create content but options to customize and share them with friends and family online are extremely limited. Many popular sites have not been built expressly for kids under age 13, while others have restrictive feature sets. PixyKids is being specifically developed for this segment and embraces family as key participants in the digital ecosystem kids are exploring. "Parents are looking for sites they can feel good about, that help their kids develop socially, offer positive reinforcement, and are creatively enriching. Today's kids are aspirational, tech-savvy, and have self-expression in their DNA.Both kids and parents are demanding a digital platform where they can share their everyday personal experiences, express themselves creatively, and build the lasting bonds that are so critical in these formative years," says Rajul Kadakia, CEO and Co-Founder, PixyKids.

Kadakia felt that educational sites were favored by parents, but not kids and virtual worlds were fun for kids but hated by parents. “We are very excited to be developing a social platform featuring fresh and relevant interactivity for both kids and their families in a single environment that parents can trust’” added Kadakia.
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