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What Can Make You a Successful Entrepreneur?

Sudarshan Kumar
Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Sudarshan Kumar
In an attempt to earn fame and gain the ground among the corporate bigwigs, every person starts the entrepreneurship journey, but there are many who don't make it to the top slot, and a number of them don't even see the daylight. Hard work combined with intelligence alone can help one to be a successful entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is recognized by three traits - patience, perseverance, and dedication. They are required to be more aggressive about their ideas, amidst all kinds of disagreement from people around. There is no dearth of determination, but what dissuades one from being an entrepreneur is the fear of failure and worries about not meeting the expectations, making a mistake, or trying something new. Because of this, many never get started on the path toward reaching their goals, and thus ensure themselves of the very thing they are afraid of - failure.

Success is built on the pillar of lessons learnt from failures and the biggest example for entrepreneurs would be Thomas Alva Edison. Edison would have never invented the light bulb if he were afraid of failure. While finding the right filament that would create light for a sustained period of time, Edison failed more than 2,000 times, but he did not regard all this experiment as a failure. He reframed the situations to successfully eliminate the 1,999 possibilities, refining and narrowing his search as he proceeded, thus drawing him closer and nearer to his goal. Similarly, an entrepreneur trying to create a successful startup faces a lot of challenges along the way. With both short term problems to address and long term corporate objectives to keep, a person needs to focus on his or her venture 24/7. Wrong and near term decisions, can often have negative consequences on the long-term success.

Speaking at SiliconIndia Startup City, which has become a multifaceted platform for startups in recent years, allowing entrepreneurs to flex their muscles to warn the corporate biggies that they ought to be counted upon; Murugavel Janakiraman, Founder and CEO of the Consim Info Pvt. Ltd. (bhartamatrimony.com) says, "It is very important for a person to know the reason to become an entrepreneur. If anyone has the purpose to earn money through entrepreneurship, he should leave it in early stage only, and if any individual is passionate about entrepreneurship, he should keep experimenting till he or she does not get success in his or her purpose." For Janakiraman, it took almost three years to identify the matrimony business. In those three years, he experimented with almost everything to achieve success. He says that passion is what gets entrepreneurs started and keeps them there. It gives entrepreneurs the ability to convince others to believe in their vision. It can't substitute for planning, but it will help them stay focused and get others to look at their plans.

To continually add value every day, an entrepreneur needs to identify the company's value added proposition and continually focus on significant value added activities. And, this can only be accomplished by creating value and focusing on those items that necessarily make a difference to both targeted customers and investors. "An entrepreneur has only one life, and in that life a person has the obligation to himself or herself to know what he or she is really capable of," says Satya Prabhakar, Founder and CEO, Sulekha.com.

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