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Webenza: Creating a stride in Digital Marketing Space

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Anamika Sahu
The emerging technologies like social, mobile and analytics not only altered the industry, but are the three pillars based on which Puneet Pahuja incepted Webenza in 2012 to focus on specialized services and products for Online Brand Management, Social Media, Mobile Apps and Analytics. The company believes in innovating simplicity, fueling conversations and enhancing reputation. "While the industry was running behind creating massive technology organizations offering diverse services; we were nichely focused on the creative knowledge stand point to enable the marketing space in the digital realm. Digital is not just meant for marketing, it now encompasses all aspects of a business. Every organization has to embark on this journey," explains Puneet Pahuja, Founder & CEO, Webenza.

Today, the company has transformed itself to be a one-stop-shop that tries to eliminate too many touch points for customers. These touch points � different agencies for different purposes � create much hassle for customers who end up investing excessive amounts. But with Webenza, a brand can easily create an experience that engages their end customers with no additional touch points. Puneet understands that any marketing strategy is incomplete without analyzing ROI. Thus he launched IncPot � a social media analytics platform. Through this engagement console, clients can manage their Reputation, generate leads, measure campaign effectiveness or establish a Social CRM.
Puneet comes with two decades of experience inconsulting, corporate IT, strategic sourcing and analytics, but he left no stone unturned to make his baby startup a premier agency in the digital media marketing space within a short span of time. He swears by his team and says that they are the ones that make Webenza click. Webenza not only confines itself in serving clients in India, but offers solutions in U.S., Middle East, Europe and Asia. Their list of clients includes biggies like Schneider Electric, Bajaj Allianz, Manipal Global (Education), FirstSource (BPO), INSZoom � U.S., The Talent Enterprise - Dubai and several other large and small companies.

Webenza has come a long way, but the story behind getting their first break is quite interesting. In the beginning when the company was trying to crack the nutshell, Puneet received a message from a person asking him to recreate a website for their event, 'Benagaluru Habba', and roll it out quickly. Being an NGO, the prospective client was not in a position to pay a high price for the service. However, Puneet decided to grab the opportunity and offer the best he could. The event became a great success and the client ended up paying handsomely and also started referring them to their peers and friends. This and Puneet's vast network helped the company build a strong list of clientele just through referrals. "I believe in not just building a relationship but a bond that will last forever," adds Puneet. Every client is treated like gold and now, they are getting requests regularly from across the globe.

Webenza now offers high-end services in the 3D Interactive and Augmented Reality space and is focusing on building new products that would combine marketing automation along with analytics. Apart from this, Webenza looks forward to aggressively expand its presence in India and overseas.

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