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Web App Development Unleashed

Akanksha Ravindran
Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Akanksha Ravindran
‘WebApps 2011’- the Web Application Conference this time in New Delhi on April 9th, 2011. The conference brought together web developers, web designers, technology enthusiasts, innovators, vendors, and users.

The event kick started with the inaugural keynote on ‘Continuous Delivery’ by Ajey Gore, Head of Technology from Thoughtworks, where the speaker stressed on the need to reduce the gap, what are the key components that make continuous delivery happen, and how technology and culture can not only accelerate the development process, but also bring it into the production world.

Taking the session ahead was Janakiram MSV, Technology Evangelist from Amazon Web Services. Speaking on ‘Building scalable web applications on Amazon Web Services’, he highlighted the fact on how Cloud enables the web developers to build the next generation web applications and introduced the EC2 platform to web developers and demonstrated how they can leverage it to build highly scalable and available web applications.

Archanaa Panda, Software Architect from IBM India Software Labs stepped in next to speak on ‘Making of production grade applications - A Performance Architects view’ and gave elaborate description on the knowledge and agility of use of frameworks which is important, but which is not enough for the making of production grade applications that have to scale and perform and be available. She also aimed at emphasizing the importance of NFRs, providing guidance in asking the right questions related to performance, availability and volumetric during requirement gathering, understanding how quality attributes influence each other and should be balanced out, basic guidelines in deciding the topology of applications for achieving scalability, performance and availability and guidelines in monitoring and managing of production applications.

A session on ‘Guidelines and best practices: Architecture of web applications’ by Vivek Merani, Senior Vice President from Magnon International set the ball rolling with his inputs on the phenomenal success of Apache and other open source software which seemed incredibly new, even revolutionary. This session covered the overall platform and architecture considerations involved in building web applications from a holistic perspective.

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