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Wealth of Diversity but a Common Vision

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Anamika Sahu
Millennial are turning to be a new breed of entrepreneurs - probably the most awaited one that the society needed for long. Under the guidance of the experienced and seasoned entrepreneurs, and along with them, the Gen Z impresarios are creating a new pathway for the next-generation to follow. This pathway doesn't just lead to creating great technologies and career opportunities for others to bring economic stability, but also brings these entrepreneurs much closer to the needy through various philanthropic activities. Whether it is education or healthcare or social security, these entrepreneurs are always ready to act and give back to the community. The 2015 Chennai flood calamity saw several big and startup entrepreneurs emerge as saviours who took to their own to save hundreds of people, provide them with free food, communication facilities and many more.

But with so much to do, they face a tough time balancing their personal and professional life. One of the entrepreneurs I spoke to said, "If I don't work for 18 hours a day, how will I provide sufficient to my family and my team. And if I am left with no surplus, I cannot serve the needy as well". Another entrepreneur was considerably investing more time and money on doing R&D to create great products as he strongly believes technology can change life for better if we develop niche products to serve related cause. Our latest edition of 'Entrepreneurs of the Year' features such intense stories of entrepreneurs who have struggled to get to where they are today and now are emerging as a kingpin within their industry. The featured entrepreneurs have a wealth of diversity but have one common trait - they have all built companies that represent significant trends in entrepreneurship today.

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