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Wayfare: Enhancing Monetization as well as User-Experience

SI Team
Monday, October 19, 2015
SI Team
In today's digital world, online marketing presents major challenges for publishers and advertisers alike to boost performance and deliver better customer experiences.Traditional display ads are suffering from abysmal click-through rates, and search ads offer sub-optimal experiences for commerce. Most organizations are on the lookout for viable partners that can provide them better avenues for advertising. San Mateo, CA based Wayfare is one such company that delivers an innovative technology platform to help advertisers and publishers improve their monetization and revenues while enhancing the user experience.

Wayfare began its operations as a digital commerce agency five years ago, after observing that many advertising firms were still using traditional, unproductive marketingmethods. "We started this company to resolve the frustration and angst of advertisers and publishers worldwide," says Naren Nath, CEO, Wayfare. "And it led to a deep analysis and experimentation to craft a better model for monetization and user experience. The key insight was to enable a switch from ads to commerce via a software platform that made commerce as easy to deploy as ads."
Wayfare's technology follows digital commerce signals expressed by consumers to deliver precisely matching commerce experiences. "We harness and connect the commerce signals from site to site and app to app to follow and service consumers' interest," says Nath. "Our entire offering is geared around serving relevant products and services natively, seamlessly and endemically," says Nath.

The platform is available for publishers and advertisers in most commerce categories. "We cater to 400 sectorsthat cover thousands of product categories," says Nath. Wayfare has launch edits Wayfare Interactive Self-Help (WISH) system's to allow publishers to create any desired commerce functionality in any vertical in any size and format. Publishers can generate commerce units on their sites and soon apps within minutes, requiring no programming. The WISH system also allows advertisers to create commerce campaigns. "Our system makes it possible for partners to create, customize, and place commerce units to capture all of the commerce intent in the market in a matter of minutes" says Nath.

Keeping in mind thatconsumers' buying pattern has changed dramatically over the past few years, Wayfare builds commerce units that facilitate and support today's consumer behavior. The company enables consumers to save time by allowing them to compare different commerce sites from multiple vendors in one click, and getting direct short-cuts to related products.

One of Wayfare's customers, a travel publisher was spending a fortune to increase traffic. Many people who visited their site were not buying offered products. Wayfare's commerce platform assisted the customer by creating a host of commerce units. "We introduced new monetization options on the customer's web pages," says Nath. "The site was able to serve its customers' needs better and increased the monetization dramatically." As a result, the customer's overall revenues increased by 300 percent.

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