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Verity: Effectively Protecting Websites from Malicious Malware

ST Team
Thursday, August 4, 2011
ST Team
The increased dependency and usage of Internet for business has given way to new kinds of threats that a hacker/phisher posses for a business or an individual, one such being infecting business websites with malware. Today, enterprises have large websites and portals hosted on the Internet to conduct business and share information with customers. Attackers target these websites for its large customer base to embed malware and thereby compromise end user’s computers and data. Most of these websites are not monitored for malware infection, such attacks go unnoticed until a large number of users are infected and compromised. Since there are several independent bodies that monitor and blacklist malware infected websites, for a business organization, its brand image and trust of customers comes at stake.

Paladion Networks’ malware detection solution Verity is designed to effectively thwart these malware threats. An advanced malware detection system, Verity monitors websites for embedded malware content and application level changes that can potentially harm end-user’s computers. Apart from these it offers manual verification of alerts that are generated helping businesses take corrective measures to contain impact.

Traditionally, most businesses use some kind of malware detection solutions but these are limited when it comes to effectiveness of detecting web malware. Traditional applications like firewalls and IDS/IPS are ineffective in detecting malware and malicious application level changes. Continuous monitoring of large number of websites is cumbersome and not cost effective. Also many traditional monitoring tools generate large number of false positives that make it difficult to differentiate it from real attacks preventing prompt actions. Furthermore, malware techniques are evolving continuously and old age detection mechanisms are unable to cope up with it.

“To cut a long story short, what one need is an advanced website malware detection and integrity monitoring solution that continuously monitors your website for malware, website blacklisting and unauthorized changes. And Verity delivers just that,” says Amirthamurugaraj, Head – Products, Paladion Networks.

One of the users of Verity is a large private bank which has more than 35 websites that are being used for customer communication and to conduct business operations. To meet various business requirements, these sites undergo frequent changes and it’s important that these changes do not introduce any security weaknesses, malware or malicious code. As a part of website security management, the bank periodically assesses the websites for vulnerabilities and fixes them as well. However, there are obvious limitations with vulnerability scanners in detecting malware and malicious code in websites. Herein, they needed help.

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