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Unravelling Complex Immigration Solutions

Anjana Gupta
Monday, February 10, 2014
Anjana Gupta
As a freshman in high school, Anjana Gupta joined mock trial and has loved law ever since. She started working in immigration law as a student at the University Of Maryland School Of Law, Immigration Clinic, and expresses it as a very rewarding experience.

Having practiced Immigration law for 5 years now, Gupta has seen innumerable changes taking place in the field including DOMA, which gave immigration benefits to same-sex couples, stateside waivers, and the DREAM Act. However, after all these years she still remembers her first case in law school as a clinical law student. She represented a juvenile who was threatened with deportation for a minor offense and was facing removal to a country he hadn't been to since he was a baby and had no family ties to. Gupta's only option was a motion to vacate, known in Maryland as a motion for coram nobis, which she obtained after tenaciously working with her client's former Public Defender. Her client was finally released from jail and his deportation order was terminated. Describing the satisfaction, Gupta says, "Never give up. And, immigration law requires you to connect to your clients so that they feel comfortable and trust your legal representation of them."

In the days ahead, Gupta is interested to see how the government continues with immigration reform and whether it will provide the Dreamers a roadmap to permanent residency and eventually naturalization. She predicts that the influx of students from Asia and the Middle East will gain momentum over the next five years, paving the way for the advancement of boarding schools for international high school students.

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