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April - 2015 - issue > Top 10 Most Promising Market Research Companies

Unimrkt Research: Offering Unmatched Market Research Services

Kanak Prabha
Thursday, April 9, 2015
Kanak Prabha
In today's competitive environment, market research companies operate with a sole mission of helping clients stay ahead in the game. Although there are numerous ways of attaining competitive advantage in this business, but companies need to play to their strengths. As each market research firms have different set of strengths, it's vital that they all play their respective part and bring out the best. Offering lower prices, superior customer service, superior products and delivering timely products are few advantages of staying ahead in the game. But the major part played here is offering all the above in amalgamation of superior quality which ensures a structured and efficient system eventually keeping the clients satisfied. Being a cost effective country, India has been on radar for companies globally who look to partner with such firms who understand market research and have built a reputation for quality by gaining accreditation with recognized standard. While many companies have strived hard to engrain the aforementioned elements, very few have succeeded in relishing excellence. Being a quality conscious company, Unimrkt Research is one of the best examples of such partner who has set them selves apart from others in the industry by precisely summarizing the client's needs.

The 2009 born company is a leading data collection solution provider to businesses worldwide using an offshore delivery platform. Being pioneers in their operations, the company delivers outstanding breadth and depth of market research services and is focused at gaining accurate data for the business to deliver transformational value to their partners. As their approach is global, the firm provides end-to-end market research solutions 24x7 to their clients. Being pioneers in market research field, Unimrkt have invested in building a strong relationship with their clients which creates substantial value and generate exponential growth for the latter. As market research is required by every corporate, there is a huge opportunity in this space and in a way, Unimrkt sees themselves contributing and providing better services and products to customers worldwide.

Highly celebrated for their services, the company provides Survey Programming, Telephonic& Face to Face Interviews, In-depth Interviews, Global Online Panel and Secondary Research. The firm vests their focus on data collection services, which takes place in two ways - Primary Data Collection and Secondary Research. The former is where data is collected by having telephonic discussions and the latter by doing online research using paid and unpaid databases/sources.

With each endeavor that mirrors Unimrkt commitment towards their clients, the brand has done very high end B2B projects and recently did a project for an IT firm in 22 countries globally, which took them more or less four months to complete and had 7000 B2B services. Unimrkt, which kick started their journey with the three partners - Anurag Magoo, KanishkSheel and Sandeep Kumar - today boasts of 120 people. Grown dramatically in the last three years, their revenues have multiplied and they have achieved 100 percent growth year-on-year. Headquartered in New York, they have extended their reach in India and Philippines. By the end of 2015 they are also going to open two offices in Singapore and Dubai respectively. With an aim to set a bench mark in this industry for other companies, by end of 2015, Unimrkt wishes to see themselves as one of the biggest data service and data collection companies.

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