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Uberics Consulting: Helping CPG Retail Flourish

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Anamika Sahu
With e-Commerce taking off in India, opportunities exist in both B2C and B2B space today for products that are specifically aimed at Indian market. The shopping experience is undergoing an overhaul by the day. How a shopper pays for his purchase is also evolving with new types of payment methods getting launched. Companies are figuring out innovative ways of engaging the consumer and getting to understand him better. This is where Uberics Consulting is positioned. The company is in an interesting B2B2C space aiming to aggregate the fragmented retail markets both from brand and consumer's perspective and provide the consumer with an easier method for doing his shopping and paying for it.

The platform enables the brands to provide consumers with offers specifically designed for them and pay for their purchases by using multiple methods - card, cash, mobile wallets, gift certificates, redemption points or loyalty points or offers. "We have received excellent traction as the problem we are solving is important for the businesses we work with. Our platform is all about aggregation and this aggregation needs to happen at the point of sale in retail," says Ravi Challu, Uberics Consulting.

The aggregation is done through proprietary solution that is made available at the point of retail. The company has been engaged by some of the leading CPG companies to roll out unique and innovative projects in the retail. With an exception of engaging in large format retail chains, companies have a challenge engaging in real time with consumers across the retail space and understanding their consumption behavior or needs.

In an increasingly overcrowded offers space a consumer is inundated with offers that are not all relevant for him. Uberics takes away that clutter and only route relevant and meaningful offers to a consumer based on his shopping behavior and need. The company help consolidate all his offers, points, gift certificates and payment methods against a single purchase thus bringing in a payment efficiency.
The larger portion of the Indian CPG retail is still fragmented from marketers' perspective; hence, Uberics provides a single-view of all transactions across multiple cities, providing both real-time data and closure-of-loop for marketing programs.

Currently, the company is facing a threefold challenge - achieving the scale as per plan, hiring the right people and keeping an eye on the ever-changing competitive landscape. The marketplace is changing and consumer needs are evolving. From companies and retails perspective getting consumer's mindshare is equally daunting. Driven by all this, the solution providers are constantly evolving their offerings and changing the nature of their business. Understanding competitors' evolving business model and staying ahead is a constant pressure. By 2019, Uberics shall be the precision marketing ecosystem provider of choice for consumer brands that are looking to continually influence consumers' moments-of-truth in real-time, efficiently and effectively, based on their consumption patterns.

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