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April - 2012 - issue > CEO Spot Light

Trust Matters The Most in Ecommerce

Christo Jacob
Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Christo Jacob
Venu Somineni, Chairman & Founder of MyDeals247 and International Best-Selling Author of OneBookforLifeSuccess shares his views on the current challenges that ecommerce industry is undergoing. MyDeals247 is a personalized eCommerce platform in India that provides most of the branded products and services at the lowest prices in the rural areas (across India).

What are some of the issues faced by the Ecommerce industry?

Establishing trust is a key factor for an ecommerce company. Quality of the product, delivery, warranty and all constituted to developing the proper trust. So, if we can consolidate all these issues and get them fixed for good, a major part of the challenge would be dealt with and the trust factor will be established. Another challenge faced by the industry is regarding the attitude and beliefs of the buyer. Every business is aggressive to do array of services, but still the buyers are not responding that positively. A large percent of Indians go online on a regular basis now, but a good majority of them do not buy online.

The traffic is good but not the sales. It is like a shopping mall, wherein tens of thousands of people are stepping in, but only a few hundreds of them are actually buying products.
It’s about the people at the end of the day. The estimated worth of retail industry in the country is around Rs. 8 lakh crore, but only about 5.5 percent sales of this industry is happening online. This testifies that the majority of customers still do not trust online buying.

People have to understand the business model and start trusting the business. A major revolution should come from people. Also, there is no real time platform for buyers and sellers in the local city. For instance, when you go to a website, it is no different from you walking into a personal store and picking up products for the price they offer. The buyers do not know where the product is shipped from. This can be a catalyst for delivery issues among the customers. Moreover, the most players are selling everything and this is resulting in the buyers getting a bit defocused. I believe the future lies in complete personalization of the customer’s needs.

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