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Top IT Trends in 2016

Ram Prasad Mamidi
CIO-Tata Teleservices
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Ram Prasad Mamidi
Today, enterprises all around the world are strategically planning to deploy new innovations in their businesses keeping in mind the industry trends that are being adopted and invested in. There is a deliberate intake of new technology solutions that suit specific needs and help them make decisions that could affect the future of the industry, while at the same time keeping the operational costs to the minimum. The year 2015 especially saw an upsurge of a lot of new and innovative technologies introduced in the country with the promise of a positive impact on the overall eco-system in the coming year. Listed below are the top IT trends that will gain momentum in 2016:

1. Big Data Analytics: In the year 2015, big data analytics was still at a very nascent stage and its impact had just started proliferating into the workings of enterprises. With personalisation becoming the most important element in customer management and loyalty, big data analytics is expected to rapidly gain momentum. In fact, its impact on businesses has already started seeping into the fundamental workings of companies.

Several businesses enter into the big data space without a thorough understanding of business requirements, goals, and data policies. This often leads to wastage of resources and the insights gathered fail to add much value to the company. There is a need for more big data specialists to help effectively run and manage implementation across functions.

2.Digitisation of Life and Work Styles: Individuals all over the world are gradually going the digital way and merging lifestyles when it comes to personal and professional lives. Technologies such as Mobile Internet and Cloud, are being adopted at a rapid pace to bridge the gap between the two.

With our government leading the way to a digital India, the focus of this initiative would be around improving quality of life. With a focus on developing applications that are easy to use for a larger set of audiences in the country, digitisation holds the greatest potential to have an impact on our economy

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