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Time for Better Security Controls

Pavan Thatha
Co-Founder & CEO-ArrayShields
Friday, May 31, 2013
Pavan Thatha
Chennai based ArrayShield Technologies is provider of innovative pattern based two Factor Authentication Solutions.

We all keep our valuables and belonging closely guarded but when it comes to protecting our critical IT systems and data we alarmingly choose to drop the guards.

In a shocking revelation by data posted by hackers online, most commonly used password was ‘password’ while ‘123456’ "12345678" came close at #2 and #3 positions.
In an era like this when passwords are at increasing risk of getting hacked more than ever before it was alarming to see people still keeping passwords like these which is an easy prey to the hackers.

2012 was the year of various big security breaches. Yahoo reported that over 450,000 email usernames and passwords were stolen from the company’s databases by hackers and posted on the file-sharing account Pastebin. Yahoo had stored these data without any encryption at all making it a very easy task for hackers to steal. What’s worse that these user ids and passwords were identical to the ones on the other online banking sites thereby potentially risking not only their Yahoo accounts, but also their other accounts.

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