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April - 2011 - issue > Technology

The android mania

Arvind Sharma
Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Arvind Sharma
"Android has hit the world like a massive tsunami and with every passing day its appeal keeps getting stronger. Nothing, it seems, can come in the way of the gigantic Android wave. Phone users are certainly not complaining, they are busy enjoying the ride."

In the early to mid 2000’s, whenever someone talked of a business phone, you would inadvertently think of a Windows or a Symbian based device, which offered few state-of-the-art features like GPS, touch screen etc.
In 2007 Apple unveiled its smartphone, which ran on Mac OS X custom built for its phone. And a few years back, Google too announced its foray into the mobile OS business with the Android. These two developments completely revolutionized the mobile space.

The situation has only gotten tougher with the consistent process of software and hardware upgrades by the brand. However, Google, which has always believed in having an open environment for software development, challenged the might of the iPhone and today, Google can easily take pride in the fact that the Android OS is activating close to 200, 000 devices everyday!

Android invasion
The first Android OS or the phone was nowhere in comparison to the look and feel, interface, ease of use etc of the iPhone or any other hot selling smartphone. Fast forward to early 2010, when Google unveiled its own smartphone called the Nexus One, which turned the tables. This established Google as a serious player in the mobile OS race. Part of the decision to have its own mobile-OS was the increasing trend of accessing Internet on a mobile device and their considerable presence in web based apps like Maps, Google Voice etc. There are a number of factors that work in favour of the Android.

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