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The Three Villains of IoT & How to Be a Super Hero

Alfeo Pareschi, CSO, Axiros
Monday, July 18, 2016
Alfeo Pareschi, CSO, Axiros
Headquartered in Bavaria, Germany, Axiros offers device and service management solutions that enable businesses with the ability to manage and support any protocol, any device and any service at any time.

IoT has brought about many new opportunities, and companies around the world are jumping at the opportunities and advantages it holds. Before IoT promises suck you in, there are many considerations that need to be taken seriously and addressed head-on in order to maximize ROI and ensure your investment is a long-term strategy and not a short-term failure. Today we will address three head-on, and give you immediate strategic steps you can take in order to be an IoT superhero:


The first and most pressing is integration. How will the system integrate with legacy equipment and work with devices that currently exist, as well as those that are planned (or unplanned) for the future? When looking at solutions, it is important to emphasize connection as well as device management and control for your network. When you have a heterogeneous eco-system of devices, this is important not only for telemetry, but also (and maybe more importantly) for the actual control of those devices.

The integration capability also extends to the ability to manage complex interaction flows which involve synchronous to asynchronous adaptation.

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