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The Neglected Customer

J. Jeffrey Nudler
Monday, November 17, 2008
J. Jeffrey Nudler
The discipline of IT networked infrastructure management is undergoing an evolutionary transition to a higher functional level in organizations. The primary driver is recognition and acceptance by the business executives of their deepening dependence on networked IT infrastructure to produce revenue and profits. To maintain and increase revenue streams, businesses must carry out operations in geographically expanding markets. This economic reality in turn necessitates an extended IT networked infrastructure to support these geographically distributed business operations. Over 70 percent of IT departments of Fortune 2000 companies report to the CEO instead of the CFO indicating the new trend that IT is viewed as a contributor to revenue and profitability of the business.

With this business recognition, there is an increased scrutiny of IT operations and a mounting pressure on the IT management to run its operations as a service business in support of corporate business objectives.

If an IT organization is to operate as a service business successfully, it has to look at customer needs, and innovate to produce appropriate services and deliver these to the customers. In general, the corporate IT organization provides services to three distinct customers:

1. External business users (consumers, partners, suppliers) to maximize revenue.

2. Internal customers or business labor (order taking, accounting, manufacturing, warehousing), to maximize profit.

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