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The Gourmet IT Services Provider

Vimali Swamy
Monday, November 1, 2010
Vimali Swamy
Though there were several ERP and financial applications available in the market from large software vendors, there was none that suited and understood the tasks required by MLB. The financial application had to be built from the scratch. Despite a myriad of large IT services companies in the industry, today there are only few who provide custom application development. MLB approached Vernalis Systems, a small IT services company based in New York. Understanding the criticality of the project the company, in a very short time, built the solution. Today, post the successful application development work, MLB has become one of its major customers. The history of the company is filled with a lot of such success stories.
Founded in 1999, Vernalis Systems is a pure play IT services company, specializing in critical custom applications development across the Web and mobile. Today, a decade since its humble beginnings, the company has created a strong footprint as a gourmet IT services provider along with additional service lines of engineering and media. They count several large players across areas like healthcare, energy, sports and entertainment, private equity, workspace technologies, marketing services, emergency preparedness response, travel, banking, compliance, and manufacturing as their customers.

The Birth of the Company
Vernalis Systems was founded by individuals with immense experience in various aspects of IT by having worked in some of the major organizations around the world. The team of professionals leading the company is composed of experts in their respective fields, having the breadth and depth of experience that spans across a wide technical spectrum and subject matter expertise.

From day one, the core philosophy of the company was to build sustainable systems and not body shop like other large IT players. While in the initial years the company started as a consulting firm, it soon re-positioned it self as a critical IT services provider. From servicing a few large niche clients in New York and surrounding areas the company slowly broadened its customer base and today it has a grip on several key markets including US, Europe, and India in the areas of Technology, Engineering, and Media.

The company in 2003 set up their India operation, which serves as the development center. “From a customer point of view, we specialize in critical applications. Most of the applications we develop are not cookie cutter kind. There is a grave challenge when it comes to just maintaining the resource and technical competency as the development work happens across different platforms like iPad, Android, and traditional Web application simultaneously,” explains Bala Chandra, CEO, Vernalis Systems. This is where the company’s specialty lies in. “We do not aspire to become a large scale IT company but rather a specialty gourmet provider,” he adds.

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Reader's comments(1)
1:I read the cover story on Mr.Balachandra of Vernalis Systems.I had the recent opportunity to meet him. He came across as a suvave, self assured personality.

The article reflected this aspect very well

Visalakshi Nityanand
Carnatic Musician - Vocalist
Posted by: Visalakshi Nityanand - 18th Nov 2010
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