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The Future of the TV Industry The new King maker

Satish Mugulavalli
Friday, April 29, 2011
Satish Mugulavalli
“Television, a scientific dream ever since the telephone was perfected, has at last been realized” – Indianapolis Star, April 9, 1927

The first public broadcast of video carried out in the U.S. between Washington D C and New York City started the Television and Broadcasting industry, as we know it today. As we enter into the 85th anniversary of this event, the Television of today is very different from what its inventors envisioned it to be. In many countries, analog transmission is completely replaced by digital video breaking old rules defining where and when to watch by newer ideas and business models.

A brief chronology of the evolution of the Television
1927 – First video broadcast
1941 – Black and white transmission standards adopted
1948 – First cable TV transmission
1950 – First Color TV approved by FCC
1969 – Over 500 million people watch the first TV transmission from the moon

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