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The Big Toss: Cricket Goes Social

Nandini Mukherjee
Sunday, December 8, 2013
Nandini Mukherjee
Indians have two common interests, one is cricket, and the other is mobiles plus social media. Cricket is followed like a religion while social-mobile has become an integral part of everyday life. Understanding the pulse of Indians, Gappan Annamalai, CEO, Cooolio and his team combined these two phenomenon’s and conceptualized 'The Big Toss', a mobile cricket app developed by Cooolio. The Big Toss app was launched in June 2012 with an aim of building a holistic experience for the cricket fans. From content to technology to distribution and merchandize, the app has set up a value chain providing a strong platform for gamification.

Annamalai did not want Cooolio to be a startup building just any app. Instead he thought of doing something unique in terms of innovation. In India, cricket is huge and well structured; the idea of developing a social sports platform was indeed a unique proposition. "What's sport without its fans? Our research indicates that the average sports fan is going digital and 81 percent prefer the internet for updates and 46 percent use smartphones to access sports related content. We thought it's a great idea to give young sports fan's a platform to express themselves," says Annamalai.

'The Big Toss' is the ultimate cricket companion. The app marries two passions of the current generation; sports and social media in a rapidly changing environment. It allows the cricket fans to live and share their passion for the game. The app is complemented with news, sports update and provides a larger level of engagement to the cricket fans. The Big Toss is the perfect gamified experience for today’s smart and social Cricket fan. The popularity of the Big Toss has also attracted investors within a very short span of time.

To get a better depth of understanding, this app provides live scores and updates for all international cricketing formats - ODIs, Tests and T20 matches. It gives data highlights and post match analysis, news and alerts about the game. The most unique and exciting feature is the Predictions game. The game allows you to concurrently make outcomes during a live game and compete with others on the same playground.

It lets you score and pile up runs just like your cricketers do and earn karma points that let you score better and reward you ultimately.Another innovative feature is that, the app also gives a platform to the advertisers to sponsor questions through surveys. This is the first technology we have seen that allows brands to directly connect with their consumers on a mass media level.

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