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October - 2011 - issue > Buyer's Perspective

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ST Team
Friday, October 7, 2011
ST Team
It is an era of retail boom. With malls and hyper markets mushrooming everywhere, people are inadvertently drawn to them but most malls in India do not have adequate parking facilities. Of the few who do, many operate inefficiently due to low ceiling heights, bad lighting, and single entry and exit points. This is the business opportunity N. Sathyanarayanan, Managing Director, Central Parking Services quickly spotted and drove into. In an exclusive with SmartTechie, he talks about founding the company, locating an unconventional opportunity and the big picture he looks to tap into.

How has the journey for CPS been?

In 2002 one of the leading developers in Bangalore looking to automate their parking lot; which was termed the largest parking lot in Bangalore, the Forum Mall parking lot. We bagged the opportunity. It became the first shopping mall in India with high-tech parking lot and it gave us a lot of visibility. This set the ball rolling as we started getting a lot of enquiries from other shopping malls and retail centers across the country. Since then we have done a lot of work for shopping centers in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and many other cities.

Around the same time, a lot of the Airports under the control of the Airport Authority of India were getting privatized and many new airport projects, like Bangalore and Hyderabad, were coming up. They were interested in making the parking at airports automated. That was a big opportunity for us and we started working in some of these projects. Simultaneously, some of the forward looking hospital chains were also trying to do something similar for the healthcare industry; thus we got into that as well. Today, as a company, we not only design, put together and operate parking lots, not just for airports, shopping centers and hospitals, but also for bus stands, metro stations, stand alone parking lots. Currently we have a presence in about 25 cities and a team of about 2500 people who specialize typically in parking lots.

What are the key focuses in these verticals?

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