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Take A Deeper Dig Into The Health Of Your Software

Anamika Sahu
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Anamika Sahu
No doubt that software has become a core element in every business. But a small let pass in testing and quality assurance can cost millions. For instance, financial services giant fined $25 million for hiding software glitch that cost investors $217 million; computer system bugs cause Asian banking facilities' downtime; bugs in social networking app for tablet just hours after delayed release; 50,500 cars recalled after airbag-related software glitch and many more. Deficiencies in software quality often result in costly emergency fixes and/or damage to a brand's reputation. Hence, it is essential for companies to take a deeper dig into their software's health and ascertain its fitness.

Looking at the deadliest result a bug could bring into the life of an organization; companies are running towards sourcing the best quality analysis (QA) and software testing partners. With IoT conjuring our life, innovation seems to be touching the next level of sky. Hence, either having a QA & Software testing team or finding the best partner seems to be the most essential step companies can take to reduce risk and save lives. But investing in software testing is equally painful as many QA & Software Testing providers do not walk their talk making it more critical to source the one who does. On the other hand, CXOs are racking their head to find the pearl out of the ocean who can align the testing project with the organization's goal.

Understanding the need of the hour and the challenges faced by several companies, we decided to bring to you the best '20 Most Promising QA & Software Testing Companies' of 2015. I hope the list serves it purpose and helps you find the soul mate to rely upon for all your testing needs.

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