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‘Know your market and let your market know you’ is the biggest mantra that modern day businesses must abide to. Varying preferences and choices of consumers, changing business and market conditions, rapid advancement in technologies and amplifying competition, demands businesses to be on their toes all the time. Knowing and understanding the market and its ever changing elements is an unavoidable business affair, and those who know how to be well informed and make use of the information, secure a top place in the ladder.

While knowing your market aids you to formulate effective strategies to go to the market, reaching out to the customers and making them know who you are and what you intend to give them is also integral. These days, there are advanced and cost effective marketing tools available compared to the traditional mediums like television, newspaper and radio. Today’s marketing strategies encourage two way communication where social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and other networking sites have opened up a new virtual world to reach out to people on a large scale. Mobile as the marketing medium has also captured attention worldwide.

Successful businesses engage in continual research and effective marketing to keep up with market trends and to maintain a competitive edge. Regardless of whether a business intends to launch a new product, expand its operations, diversify to a new product or market its products or services, research and marketing are vital and fruitful business activities. But one has to be very cautious while choosing a research partner as there are very few players in the industry who provide authentic and reliable business insights. Most of the players offer their services at a very low cost and provide manipulated and spin doctored results that lead businesses to incur heavy losses. Thus, what seems to be cheap may turn to be really costly. Similarly, there is umpteen number of companies who provide various marketing solutions and services. But there are very few who understand the fact that marketing is not just about bombarding customers with thousands of messages, it’s about designing an effective message, making it reach the right people at the right time, understanding customers and listening to what they want.

Addressing the vital need for business entrepreneurs and leaders to find a perfect market research services provider or a marketing solutions and services provider, siliconindia identifies “Top 40 Market Research and Marketing Companies”. A distinguished panel of the industry’s topmost CEOs, CMOs, Marketing Heads, VCs and analytics including siliconindia’s editorial board scrutinized the list of market research firms and marketing companies in Social, Mobile and Digital space. The list intends to help you pick the service provider that suits your specific requirement and help your enterprise understanding the market better, realize greater efficiency, faster time to market, decrease in operational cost, expansion in customer base and much more. 

Company Founder/CEO Founded Description
Flytxt                                 Trivandrum                         flytxt.com

Dr. Vinod Vasudevan, CEO

2007 A provider of mobile marketing with its two products NEON & QREDA. The company is specialized in Big Data Analytics  enabled mobile marketing and advertising in Telecom industry
Hungama Mobile                Mumbai                     hungama.org   Neeraj Roy,   Managing Director & CEO 1999 A provider of mobile entertainment and value added services along with expertise mobile content, mobile marketing and mobile media
InMobi                               Bangalore                     inmobi.com
Naveen Tewari
CEO & Founder
2007 A provider of mobile advertising by leveraging big data, user behavior & cloud based technology to simplify mobile advertising for customers 

Mobiel and Internet Advertising   New Delhi   mobileandinternetadvertising.com

Sanjay Sharma,     Global Head

1986 A provider of mobile advertising including mobile sms, voice based, bluetooth advertising, wap banner and others along with internet advertising and others
Mobilox                                 Mumbai                           mobilox.co.in Abhijit Saxena,     Founder & CEO 2011 A provider of mobile advertising while not just suggesting but executing the ideas for enterprises to ensure value proposition of the clients' brands 
 netCORE                              Mumbai                            netcore.in Girish Nair,           CEO 1998 A provider of mobile marketing to maximize the effectiveness of marketing activities by integrating and including it as a part of the marketing mix
 One97 Communications      Noida                              one97.com Vijay Shekhar Sharma,                CEO 2000 A provider of mobile advertising, marketing and payments services and builds mobile content, and commerce services
Aniketh Jain,
Co-Founder & CEO
Ashish Agarwal,
Co-Founder & CTO
2009 A provider of robust and intelligent enterprise  messaging solutions
Uniphore Software Systems
Chennai,                   uniphore.com
 Umesh Sachdev,  Co-Founder & CEO 2008 A provider of mobile marketing solutions to enable enterprises to reach out to prospective customers through personalized voice and text messages on any mobile device
Vdopia                                   Gurgaon                        vdopia.com
Srikanth Kakani
2007 A provider of mobile video and rich media advertising with a mission to deliver the best mobile video ad experience for consumers and advertisers across all smartphone and tablet devices