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Synersoft Technologies: Securing the Industry with Simplicity, yet Complex Innovation

Shubha Basavaraj
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Shubha Basavaraj
Friendship does wonders. When bonding and understanding holds good, we can reach the height of success. This is precisely what happened when three close friends having different complementing strengths from various background came together to break the puzzle of one of the most challenging pain point of the industry - security. Together they grew a crop to establish a company with their prior experiences in IT and materialize & commercialize an idea into product. The main agenda was to develop a product supporting SMEs to adopt IT to gain efficiency and become more competitive in their industry.

Organizations having huge funds can easily obtain advice from IT professionals to prevent hazards like data loss, productivity loss, misuse of IT assets and so on, but the scenario is different when SMEs come into the picture. They cannot afford to raise enough funds to invest in preventing these hazards. This aspect craved Vishal Shah to incept Synersoft Technologies, a provider of ample software and hardware tools for SMEs which is simple yet affordable. Incorporated in 2008, Synersoft developed BLACKbox to trim IT hazards like misuse of IT assets and data faced by SMEs which is cost effective and takes care of IT hazards in simple manner.

BLACKbox is a combination of seven different IT components in a single box which works as a file server, domain controller, storage device, backup sock, point solution, mail server and firewall managed by a single console. Synersoft's innovation BLACKbox takes care of multiple IT hazards in a unified solution that is simple to deploy, use and maintain. It saves the cost of purchasing seven different components and does not require IT person to manage. It is cost effective, single operating manual and simple to use and console. The miracle of the product caught the eyes of the biggies and was selected in India Innovates Growth Program organized by five organizations - Department of Science & Technologies, Govt. of India, Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Indo-US Science & Technology Forum, University of Texas, Austin and Lockheed Martin Corporation, U.S. and even won gold medal for innovative thinking. By 2011, a commercial product was introduced for the SMEs and startups. "When we developed BLACKbox, nobody thought that the seven systems can be miniatured in a single small 8 inch by 4 inch box that can be carried in a purse," says Vishal Shah, CEO & Founder, Synersoft Technologies.

Synersoft are innovators comprising of a core team blessed with insights with out of box ideas. This is why within a short span of time; the product is popular and avidly used by over 3000 enterprises with more than 100,000 users using BLACKbox. The company is deeply rooted and carries its ethics of simplicity yet complex innovation. With offices in Ahmedabad and Mumbai, Synersoft is currently charting its plans for nation-wide expansion. The company is already in discussion with Value Added Resellers (VARs) in other emerging countries.
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