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Speak wireless:VAS Store for all your Entertainment Needs

SI Team
Tuesday, April 30, 2013
SI Team
With the proliferation of mobiles in today's day and age, Value-added services (VAS) like CRBT, SMS, games, wallpapers, alerts etc have gained momentum too. VAS not only keeps the consumer entertained but it helps operators differentiate their brand in the eyes of the consumers as well. However, it is not easy to fulfill the expectations of consumers from these services.

Once the user begins to use the service, the experience has to seamless. The expectation had already built up in the mind of the customer and with the usage, the user starts comparing the experience against the expectation and hence there occurs a possibility of user not liking the service. There could be difficulties on the technical front, on management services or billing experience. But covering all these loopholes, Anil Kumar, CEO, Speak Wireless is launching a unique VAS store, a portal with exclusive features combining SMS, Voice, WAP and Web. Founded in 2001, Speak Wireless is a provider of Telecommunications Services which helps carriers, ISPs and other service providers to design, develop and deploy telecom-class applications for mobile and conventional networks.

Their new product, the Vas Store is a complete platform for all users. "It is an intelligent Musical Application with capability of creating automated playlists. Vas store gives the power to the customer where they can listen to songs through IVRS/ WAP/WEB or Smart Phone allowing the subscriber to enjoy the service with an ease of access," adds Kumar. All a user needs to do is register by providing a few personal details.

Once the registration is done a user is capable of using the many service features that the Speak Wireless VAS Store has to offer. Some of them are; CRBT category where users can enjoy all kinds of caller ring back tone for the number. Next is 'Ring My Tring', a service for users to get Jokes, Dating Tips, Beauty Tips, Love Tips, Health Tips, Amazing Facts, Stress Buster and Astrology to name a few. Users can also activate 'Voice Greetings' to get voice messages or clips for occasions such as Birthday, Love, Friendship, Anniversary, Valentine Day, Religious and Regional. 'Talk To Me' is another service where a user can get Experts to talk to them about Sports, Education, Profession, Business, and Property Consulting. Users can also get 'VAS Packs' which give special offer packs from operator end. A user can get the information of packs like SMS, GPRS, CRBT or Caller Tunes and other informatics packs.

The most important and aspect of the VAS Store is their music component. Building a seamless experience for users, the company has created a plethora of categories and services to choose from. Users get to select from a list of top hits, Bollywood, Hindi, English, Regional, Religious and Favorites. Vas store is an intelligent Musical Application with capability of creating automated playlists too. "The users have the option to listen to music and share songs with others. The service is easy to activate and deactivate. These Services are available on WEB/WAP/IVR/Mobile APP,"says Kumar.

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