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February - 2009 - issue > Tech Tracker

Software Transforms Laptop into Supercomputer

Eureka Bharali
Thursday, January 29, 2009
Eureka Bharali
Untying the knots that delimit the normal laptop from supercomputing experience, a new software will allow the conventional gadget to extract features and patterns from enormously complex data sets, just as a supercomputer does.

The gamut of the problem-solving calculations or the compact algorithm can settle itself in the disc in as little as two gigabytes of memory. The software, that took scientists at University of California and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory five strenuous years to develop, was used to analyze and track the formation and movement of pockets of fluid. The supercomputing endeavor was earlier initialized on desktops through opensource whereby the Linux based software CHAOS was able to remotely boot a computer and run it on Linux without affecting the local hard disk.

The target of this software is not to empower the scientists that have no access to a supercomputer with high performance computing and not the common people. "The complexity of this data set is so vast - it consists of more than one billion data points on a 3D grid, which challenges even supercomputers," says Attila Gyulassy, who led the software development. Personalized supercomputer is already on the block through Telsa, but the old systems being transformed into supercomputers is yet to get the nod of approval from the intended market. Much like how the advent of the PC altered the work habits and productivity level of everyday corporate employees forever, the emerging personal supercomputer platform holds a promise to have a lasting impact on how engineers, scientists, and researchers tackle complex design and simulation works.
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