Software Assurance: ASSURING A Higher Level of Technology Performance in the 'SMART WAY'

Susila Govindaraj
Monday, August 24, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
According to eminent naturalist Charles Darwin, 'it is not the strongest of the species that survive, but the one most responsive to change'. Reaffirming the credibility of this legendary theory is the intriguing success story of anew age multi million dollar global enterprise, Software Assurance LLC (SPA), which was bootstrapped by Ram Garg with meagre $340 in 2007. Kick-starting its operations as a software testing outsourcing company in a period when offshore software outsourcing companies had a bad rap (due to high rate of projects failure and unethical outsourcing), SPA has come a long way to emerge as a one-stop-shop. Their profound expertise covers the entire IT spectrum from web and mobile to wearable product development, while maintaining its edge on testing.

Considering that SPA started its journey as a software testing service provider, quality is in its DNA to keep the company a notch above its rivals. SPA leverages Ram's extensive project management and outsourcing background to ensure that the project management processes are strong. Client expectation management is keyalong with certain approaches such as no single point of failure ensure SPA delivers high quality product every time. But do not mistake Ram for a one dimensional tech guru; the entrepreneur leverages his business development acumen to help develop succinct plans for new and existing companies. Besides serving PMI as a Board Member of Service and Outsourcing initiative, he also has been very active in Dallas Startup Communities. As a successful entrepreneur, Ram is associated with Tech Wildcatters, the sixth best accelerator in U.S. Ram has invested and been guiding early stage startups and new entrepreneurs with his visionary inputs on not only technical front but on business planning, product planning, and projects executions. Yes, he is actively involved in creating the new stars of tomorrow.

SPA - Software Performance Assured

Cost arbitrage has always been the trump card to win client's heart. And SPA knows the art well. The company not only utilized third party resources to bootstrap the company, but also to provide services to customers at low cost with sheer focus on delivery without being succumbed into infrastructure issues. When the man who knows the ins and outs of the outsourcing business pitched the SMEs in Dallas, they could clearly see the advantages in SPA's compelling customer-centric outsourcing model, right value proposition, value enhancing pricing models and uncompromising eye for quality. Ram did not just acquire customers but established technology partnerships. He pointed out typical challenges faced by his previous customers and steered the new clients throughout the decision making processes, helping them build impeccable roadmaps. Customers, seeing the value of a partnership with SPA, quickly became advocates.

Realizing that these advocates were being pushed down in the priority line by third party providers, SPA setup its own center in New Delhi. However, the epic moment for SPA was defined in 2009 when development was integrated to its portfolio, as Ram noticed that providing specialized (short-term) testing services to numerous SMEs caused the front-end to churn fast. Consequently the company acquired larger projects, winning projects against the Congizants and Mphasis of Dallas and emerged triumphantly, owing to its prowess in adding tremendous value to customers with its innovative processes. Keeping with the spirit in tandem with the evolving technologies, SPA built extensive mobile software development and testing capabilities over the last three years to address the exploding market growth enabled by mobile users. Adding another feather to its cap, the company recently made a fierce foray into wearable product development. Today, SPA has grown into a renowned brand in Dallas with a whopping year-on-year growth that has carved its presence as one of the strongest players in its space by constantly adapting to technologies, delivering flawless products and building customer loyalty.

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