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Smartalyse: Crafting Smarter & Secure Homes with a Holistic Solution

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, October 20, 2016
Susila Govindaraj
Startup India Movement has created an upbeat in the market, where people are perceiving startups as cutting-edge entities, and not merely as small companies. On the other hand, the Digital India & Smart City initiatives are attempting to mould a smarter India, the first step of which would be building smarter homes with optimized energy consumption and reliable security. This optimistic scenario has paved the way for several entrepreneurial ventures in the IoT arena that are striving to flabbergast the world by bringing tomorrow's technology today. However, most of these organizations are trying to address a unique problem with a single point solution, rather than offering end-to-end solutions with a holistic approach, which is quite ironic for a field like IoT.

This is where Smartalyse Technologies enters the picture with its holistic Home Automation (HA) platform that interconnects all the disparate devices across house such as lights, appliances, safety & security sensors along with audio, video & digital pictures available on multiple devices like smartphones, TVs and home computers among others. Through this exhaustive solution, this Pune headquartered company helps the house owners to optimize energy consumption, get rid of security concerns and share media across multiple sources and targets with ease. "We are not just connecting things together, but we bring cognitive decision making capability through the platform," says Pravin Wadekar, Founder, Smartalyse. Yet another factor that keeps Smartalyse far from its competitors is its competence in encrusting its solutions with stringent security measures. Aside from homes & apartments, the solution can also be used in commercial setups like offices, showrooms and conference rooms.

Laying Immense Emphasis on Security

Securing an interconnected home is not a child's play. As more and more of the traditional devices are integrated and made available over the internet, threats from cyber criminals becomes inevitable, as they have lucrative reasons to break into a connected home, whether to steal data, demand ransom or cause havoc on these connected systems. Imagine the kind of damage cyber criminals can cause to someone, if they can access his boiler via internet from a remote location. They can even cause a Diversion Based Physical Intrusion, whereby they break into someone's property physically through creating a chaos by opening the water flow via Internet from the neighbourhood.

Hence, Smartalyse has prioritized security as its paramount axiom. The gateway, which connects all these systems together to create interesting scenarios is vital and needs to protect the entire 'things' network from hackers. Protected by an enterprise class network security system from its strategic partner Quick Heal, Smartalyse's Home Gateway blocks cyber-led attacks adeptly and notifies of incidents/events even when the house owners are on the move.

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