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SimplyHR: Filling Clients Arsenal with Knowledge-filled Resources

Brinda Das
Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Brinda Das
The global HRO industry is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 12.34 percent over the period of 2013-2018, predicts TechNavio's analysts. This shows a huge opportunity waiting for the new and established businesses. One of the key reasons for this growth especially in India is start-ups and SMEs, the now emerging industry that plays a vital role in contributing towards the country's GDP. But sadly, only a handful of HRO companies specialize in providing services to this segment.. Breaking this norm and emerging as one of the best HRO partner for not just MNCs, but for start-ups and SMEs is SimplyHR Solutions.

It all began when Rajneesh Singh, Managing Partner, Simply HR interacted with various industry experts, and found that the biggest challenge for SMEs and startups, is to attract, afford and retain quality HR professionals. Viewing the clear opportunity for augmentation in the domains of SMEs and startups, he along with three other partners, ventured into this avenue. Incepted in 2011 in Delhi NCR, SimplyHR provides a gamut of services which is inclusive of end-to-end HR services and support, HR Advisory, Leadership mentoring and executive coaching, Training and Development, HR Audits, Talent Acquisition & Management, HR Automation and so on.

SimplyHR has witnessed remarkable growth over the years in a market which is observing an escalation of around 28 percent every year. The company's annual revenues have seen a consistent annual increase of 30 percent in last couple of years, marginally beating the market growth. With a unique approach of providing value-added customized solutions, the company works on multi-dimensional models, developed according to the necessities of the clients. The venture has also developed a vigorous HR engagement platform called Simpli which acts like a company's HR threshold (HR Portal) - blending technology with HR for greater efficiency and wider span. "We have successfully implemented this solution at 10 odd clients so far and we strongly believe that this tool brings in a lot of value and a superior edge to the functioning of HR in small companies," asserts Saurabh Saxena, Co-Founder & Partner at Simply HR.

The company has until now worked for many startups and SMEs along with several big companies such as GSK, Maruti Suzuki, HDFC Ergo, Sona Group, and so on. Doing away with the allegory that HR outsourcing companies only maintain records is the biggest challenge that the company has been facing since inception. "However, over the period, thanks to our approach of being a 'Partner' in the journey rather than a 'Consultant', we have created some great success stories," says Rajneesh. Nevertheless, with the collaboration of 18 HR enthusiasts, the company has succeeded in making its presence visible in the HRO domain. The company also does its part to keep its team members happy. The emancipation given to the team members allows them to build a sense of responsibility which moulds them both personally and professionally. "It's a closely knit team of self driven professionals enjoying the freedom to work not for money but for the passion of creating something new," sums up Rajneesh. Amidst much appreciation received from its clients and team members, the company envisions to explore the international market in the coming years and also extend its reach within the country.

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