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February - 2014 - issue > 10 Most Promising Semiconductor Companies

Semtronics Micro Systems: Creating ICs of the Green Energy

SI Team
Wednesday, February 5, 2014
SI Team
Over the last couple of decades, India has emerged as an epicentre of consumer demand for high technology products specifically in the some of electronic products. The Indian Electronic System Design and Manufacturing industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.9 percent to reach $94.2 billion by 2015 as per the study released by India Electronics and Semiconductor Association. The report highlighted that about 65 percent of the electronic products are imported in the country, while the products manufactured in India accounts for only 35 percent which belongs to the "Low Value Added Manufacturing". Currently, the market is largely dominated by huge MNCs while Indian manufacturers have a great potential to take away the cake and serve the Indian market more competitively. Tracking the game is the Bangalore-based Semtronics Micro Systems which deals with IC and IC based power system design and manufacturing. Having an expertise in the power domain and communication, the company has developed many applications using patented indigenous IC design technology.

Founded in 2010, Semtronics is a pioneer in Analog IC design and manufacturing company in India. As a semiconductor company, it is focused on LED market under the domain of green energy especially for consumer lighting applications. All LED lights requires LED drivers and the company designs the same using their own proprietary IC’s. Semtronics offers various LED drivers from 1W to 40W and T8 Tube Light driver and 1-5W driver as their flagship products. Tube Light T8 driver is specially designed using IC SM3300 taking into consideration the constraints of height and also making it available at a competitive price compared to Chinese companies. Similarly, the 1-5W solution also has the lowest eBOM and is selling in huge volumes.

As per Frost & Sullivan estimates, the Indian LED lighting business will touch $1.3 billion by 2018, it has a huge prospective and is emerging as an efficient and cost effective alternative to the conventional lighting. This market is picking up volumes and demands a lot of support by major lighting companies. Having the knack of IC designing, Semtronics has a strong board level and IC R&D team to deliver customized drivers at minimal time and cost. The organization is currently serving to many leading companies in India with LED applications and also in automotive.

The organization has been funded by KITVEN (Karnataka Information Technology Venture Capital Fund), Angel investors and Vijaya Bank. It is currently working towards Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology to implement in their LED driver IC for better performance and integrating LED with IC on same wafer and hoping to come up with the game changing solution by 2015-16.

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