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Selecting an Application Performance Service

Sanjay Singh
Thursday, June 1, 2006
Sanjay Singh
The Internet has conquered the world over the last ten years and today more than 40 percent of the world’s population is online!

Not many talk in EST or PST time standards now! Time now means 24/7 and enterprises are increasingly leveraging the ubiquitous presence of the Internet to transact business and enable business-critical functions. The rapidly growing landscape of Web-based applications ranges from messaging software to enterprise systems, custom portals, and other business applications.

These offerings are enabling companies to strengthen relationships, improve customer services, optimize operations and facilitate collaborations across the globe.

Businesses are quickly discovering that Web applications offer their own set of challenges for the IT department. Highest on this list is application performance—the ability to deliver an application consistently, reliably, and with high-performance. The stark reality is that Web-based applications can be painfully slow, as latency and availability are dependent on the performance of wide-area networks that operate beyond the enterprise’s control.

Poor application performance can cost companies a great deal, particularly as Web applications become more mission-critical. Poor performance means low adoption rates, incomplete transactions and low user satisfaction. This severely undercuts the value of the application and adversely impacts the enterprise’s bottom line. And, application downtime can mean millions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity.

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