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SSwings Pre-School and Day Care: Building up the Future Generation

SI Edu Team
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
SI Edu Team
According to various research studies conducted in the area of early childhood education, it has been shown that the kind of experience a child undergoes in the early years primarily shapes the behavior and character of the child in adulthood. By going to professional daycares and pre-schools, children are able to stand a chance in this competitive world to shine, reinforced with all the fundamentals of success. In order to ensure that a child is going to be successful in the world today, SSwings Preschool and Day Care was founded. "While I love children immensely, I have always wanted to do something new and innovative for them and hence established SSwings Preschool and Day Care in 2009 in Gurgaon," says Rajni Chabbra, Principal.

The SSwings Preschool and Day Care, which has been built in Phase III in DLF City – a residential area allows parents and guardians to drop and pick their kids from the school easily even if they have early or late working hours. "We have ensured to recruit special staff who come in as early as 8 AM and leave as late as 8 PM to keep an eye on the children whose parents have the early or late shift," says Chabbra. Each and every person that the organization recruits is scrutinized thoroughly to ensure that the children are in safe hands.

The infrastructure at the pre-school and daycare have been established in a manner that is extremely friendly with children and secure at all times. The Daycare takes care of children between the age of 5 months and 2 years while the preschool caters to children from age 2 to 4.5 years. The staff members who are selected based on the children's age groups and on what they will be able to offer to the development of the children. This is done as they place extreme importance on the development of the children in terms of motor and cognitive skills development as well as emotional development. The day care and school have separate soft gyms designed where these children can play and have fun. They also have a small zoo and swimming pool where children can see different type of animals and learn to swim respectively.

In order to develop the children's skills, the teachers read stories, play audio and conduct visual programs. "We also organize puppet shows along with other activities as we would like the children to develop their senses as quickly as possible," says Chhabra. She adds, "Apart from developing the various aspects of the children, we ensure that kids here become as independent as possible." The children are taught with a lot of innovative and interactive methods at the SSwings where a lot of importance is placed on practical learning. The organization is on the path to establish more branches as they hope to spread the love and knowledge to the little children who will become the leaders in the future.

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