SOFTPRO iTechnology Partners: Empowering Clients with the most Innovative, Cost effective and Efficient Technology Solutions

si Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
si Team
The IT industry has, time and again been challenged by diverse issues ranging from infrastructure, services and managing business objectives. In answering these pain points, the industry has shown great promise with efficient and timely service and scalable models. But from a services perspective, with the growing competition, what really matters is the way one takes the mantle in delivering efficient but effective services on time at affordable costs. Princeton, NJ based SOFTPRO iTechnology Partners has not only embraced such an approach but has also consistently proved to be the clients first choice in delivering innovative, cost-effective and efficient technology solutions.
Under the eminent leadership of Arun Chinnaraju, CEO of SOFTRPRO iTechnology Partners, the firm qualifies as one of the very few service providers in the industry today that exhibits the highest standard of excellence through its products and impeccable service delivery. The firm's character is defined by its improved process efficiencies, increased customer satisfaction and reduced cost to drive customer's profits. The firm has a taken a constructive approach towards its business model. Equipped with robust frameworks and process defining methodologies refined over a long period of time, SOFTRPRO iTechnology makes it easy for its customers to be adaptable to any change and achieve excellence in their business and technical endeavors.
SOFTPRO's services are oriented towards the client's needs, who engage with the firm's professionals who bring decades of technical and knowledgeable expertise in the IT domain. As a result, clients enjoy solutions that are best in class and avail services of unmatched quality and cost. In the words of Arun, "From the client perspective we focus on quality deliverables, quality project, quality staffing augmentation and value proposition with keeping the affordability from the client side in mind." SOFTPRO also digs deep in understanding the value of timely delivery of solutions. Adhering to a superior global delivery model, the firm leverages a distributed workforce to have 24 hour delivery cycles. By offering seamless integration services for process and communications running through multiple teams, the delivery times are greatly reduced to confer their clients with the confidence to take up any engagements, and achieve faster growth.
The vastness of SOFTPRO in its service delivery is highly commendable as it engages with more than 20 states in the U.S. markets serving contracts for the state and local governments. On a firm mission, SOFTPRO has initiated different entities within, specifically addressing the healthcare and the legal solutions (LPO) and, LGT for analytics which focuses on more solutions and services specific to analytics. This has been the reason why many rely on the firm's services. The value proposition it brings through its deep understanding of business and domain, with matured methodologies and faster delivery mechanism, SOFTPRO has undoubtedly kept the customers awake in their want to achieve industry conducive solutions.

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