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April - 2010 - issue > STARTUP CITY


Jayakishore Bayadi
Friday, April 2, 2010
Jayakishore Bayadi
It was around 2007, when person to application (P2A) SMS services just starting to take off. Since then, nearly every major internet brand has launched some form of text messaging service, from basic alerting to much more sophisticated services such as funds transfers using PayPal's SMS service. John McDonough, Founder and CEO, Shorthand mobile was quick to recognize the opportunity. "We predicted various SMS services at that time and many have now come into being. For example, customers at certain Subway sandwich shops in the US may order their sandwich using text/SMS. With such tools and platform one can quickly make services like Subway discoverable and easier to use," says John McDonoughm, Founder and CEO, Shorthand.

John founded Shorthand Mobile in San Diego in 2007. While there have been numerous changes in the mobile landscape since the time of their incorporation, shorthand believes that accessing internet even in basic phones using SMS/text messaging through SMS Apps, will still be a great opportunity. That means, if your mobile can send or receive an SMS, you can browse the internet as well. You don't need any data plan!

OFFICES: San Diego, CA & Development Centre in Chennai, India.


John McDonoughm, Founder and CEO

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