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SCIT Labs, Inc:Embracing Security with Fourth Generation Products

SI Team
Thursday, February 5, 2015
SI Team
Active since 2010, SCIT Labs focuses on fourth generation security products that deliver cyber resilience, restoration, and recovery. The first two generations of security solutions dealt with access control lists and detection driven systems. The third generation treated tolerance and survivability. The SCIT cyber security solution reduces the time for intrusion persistence by replacing an active online server with a pristine server without disrupting regular operations. "In recent cyber incidents at Sony, Target and Home Depot, malicious actors were in the system for weeks before being discovered. We constantly restore systems to a pristine uncontaminated state to remove malware and rob intruders of the time needed to plan and launch attacks. SCIT removes the malicious actors from protected systems in minutes," says Arun Sood, Founder and CEO, SCIT Labs. SCIT does not require changes to existing information systems, applications, or security protocols to deliver a new high level of protection. Every server will be regularly taken offline, cleaned, and restored to its pristine state.
Current perimeter defense in depth security systems are reactive, require a priorknowledge of system vulnerabilities and attack modalities, and are expensive to install and operate. Zero days and false positives overwhelm the security teams. SCIT Labs tackles these problems with products designed to improve the availability of systems and enhance security. SCIT products work with other security products providing an additional layer of security. SCIT products have been deployed in virtualized and cloud environments.
SCIT solutions work to restore systems to their uncontaminated state. These next generation server security products are threat independent and lead to mission resilient solutions. SCIT approach is an example of Moving Target Defense (MTD) technology and achieves resilience through fast restoration and recovery. The technology used by SCIT rapidly disrupts attacks and using post exploit analysis notifies IT with early warnings of malicious activity. Through this approach the systems and network gateways rapidly recover from attacks even if the patches have been delayed.
SCIT products have wide application in health care, banking, publishing, defense, and government. For example, SCIT was successfully demonstrated to Navy's SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific. This Center focuses on Navy Information Dominance mission by providing technical leadership for integrated C4ISR solutions. Defense systems must function endlessly and achieve normal operations with minimal effort. Typically, system owners do not have information about the next attack and the system vulnerabilities that will be exploited. In such environments, whether in the military or other industries where cyber security is paramount, SCIT uses MTD to both deter and automatically recover from an attack. SCIT continuously transforms the attack surface and protects assets from long term damage. Low exposure time of the server disrupts the agenda of the intruders and diminishes the chance of data leaks and corruption of the data bases.
"We stand apart from others and our products make us distinct from others in the market. Our products are designed to provide uninterrupted service with continuity of operations even while the servers are under attack," claims Sood. SCIT solution does not generate false positives. It eliminates memory leaks, facilitates the application of hot patches and reduces the overall cost of operations.
Future plans involve development of easy to use new platforms for collaboration with cyber security service providers and product vendors. "We will work with research teams at firms and universities to continuously enhance SCIT products. We are currently seeking implementation and investment partners to meet our goals", concludes Sood.

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