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October - 2009 - issue > CEO Spot Light

Rich Web Interface is the 'In thing'

Yogesh Gupta
Monday, October 5, 2009
Yogesh Gupta
The Web has become a key differentiator across all industries and the current economic scenario, and the resulting emphasis on cost-control is leading organizations to increasingly use the Internet to gain marketshare as well as improve customer service. The Internet now lets them do this more effectively and efficiently than ever before, by delivering targeted and personalized experiences to visitors on a large scale. Businesses are increasing revenues by using this cost-effective means to truly engage prospects, retain existing customers, as well as cross-selling and up-selling to them.

The technologies that are enabling these business initiatives include dynamic, personalized websites combined with rich media, Web 2.0 communities, and the mobile Web. The accelerating adoption of these technologies in the main-stream is the new trend, and organizations must have the right strategy and plans in place to leverage them to stay competitive.

Rich, engaging Web interactions will become the norm, and prospects and customers will expect them from every organization they interact with. Businesses will be expected to have a Web presence that is easy, engaging, and effective with multi-language and mobile interfaces.
These trends will create tough challenges for businesses as they try to be responsive to the needs of their customers while dealing with increasing technology complexities. Organizations must have a holistic strategy for their Web presence that integrates content management, targeting, personalization, multi-lingual support, mobility, and analytics to survive in this new world.

Entrepreneurs are dealing with some very difficult challenges at this point – in the current business climate survival is the new up. The funding climate also continues to be very difficult. Making the situation worse is the tendency of buyers in today’s tough times to look more to larger vendors for their solutions. To counter this, entrepreneurs must aggressively work with their customers to improve satisfaction and leverage their strong customer relationships in new sales cycles. In this environment partnerships also take on tremendous significance to help drive sales.

The author is Yogesh Gupta, CEO, FatWire Software
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