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August - 2013 - issue > 10 Most Promising Embedded Companies in India

Redpine Signals: Redefining Innovation in the Embedded Wireless Space

SI Team
Friday, July 26, 2013
SI Team
Automation of a large variety of applications and equipments are the way forward for enterprises today to tap into the advancement of embedded systems in everyday devices. Along with the growth of the Ethernet, we are noticing a demise of the usage of wires and a movement to wireless systems. A prominent requirement that is the key to proper functioning of this automation is communications, more specifically, wireless communications. Redpine Signals, a well established wireless embedded solutions provider, is deciphering the complexities in this space with its workforce that has to its credit a total of 150 patents and counting. The single stream 802.11n chipset, the 802.11abgn technology and a simultaneous, dual band 3x3 802.11n chipset in 2010 are just some of the industrial firsts that have emerged out of the offices of Redpine Signals.

The San Jose based semiconductor company, headed by CEO Venkat Mattela, is making big strides in the embedded systems space today.
“Redpine is unique in the industry in being fully vertically integrated. It has architected and developed the MAC and Baseband processor, the embedded processor core, the standards compliant and certified firmware and software, the various modules, and complete systems to name a few,” says a proud Mattela. Having innovated in individual areas as well as across domains to come up with high performance and ultra energy efficient solutions, Redpine is utilizing its vast experience in home and industrial automation, transportation, medical, and high-end consumer verticals to provide the latest technologies to help manufacture embedded devices.

With the high level on integration offered along with the ease of deployment into systems at both hardware and software levels, the organization has specifically been successful in industrial, medical and high end consumer markets. Some of its clientele comprises the likes of Ascom (VoWiFi handset), Barco (wireless projection and collaboration system), Bang & Olufsen (wireless remote control), and Televic (wireless conferencing system) to name a few.

Moving forward, Redpine looks set to unleash its latest offering, the Simultaneous Dual-Band, MIMO WLAN (SDB) which it claims will change the course of next generation tablets, Smartphones and IoT devices. Along with the release of multi-band, ultra low power wireless technology for Real Time Locationing (RTLS) and wearable electronics device market, the Semiconductor veteran looks set for more successful implementations and Industry prominence in the embedded wireless systems space in the near future.
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