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RedKnot Marketing: Eclipsing the Big Fishes of the Industry by Perfecting Stress-free Events

si Team
Sunday, September 6, 2015
si Team
Clamouring for a piece of the $50 billion event management industry, heaps of companies are popping up like mushrooms touting their cheap price structure. While the industry's rapid ascent is magnetizing enthusiastic manpower, it also poses a challenge to bring forth best line of services at a very economic cost. RedKnot Marketing Solutions, a 360o marketing agency, sets itself apart in this hyper competitive market by providing quality-driven service at a very competitive price, mainly in a highly challenging environment. Most importantly, the Delhi headquartered agency stringently limits itself to a particular set of clients at a time to give its undivided attention to them. The agency also never hesitates to say 'No' to a project, when the team is not given enough time to properly research to deliver a perfect project.

RedKnot – The Giant Killer

The agency was founded in 2011 by Guarav Arora (Managing Partner) along with his colleagues, when they felt that there is a lack of professionalism in the industry that keeps clients stressed out during events. When RedKnot got an opportunity to prove themselves to their first client Coca-Cola while they were sponsoring IPL, the agency gave its 500 percent and made it a giant success. Unsurprisingly, this dedication helped RedKnot to bust the myth that 'Client is never happy' and double its revenue every year. Akin to the bird Red Knot which can fly the longest distance despite its smallest size, the three-year young agency acquired topmost Indian brands including ICICI, Mahindra two-wheelers, HTC Mobiles and United Colors of Benetton among others as clients, eclipsing even giant event management corporations. The company also helped Coca-Cola launch its two new products in India market last year – Maaza Milky Delite and ThumsUp launch in Chennai.

The Orthodox Reasearch-Analyze-Create Model

"Rather than growing wide by acquiring more and more clients even when our plates are full, we sheerly focus on formulating strategy, idea and solution to deliver a hassle-free, stress-free event that we promised to a particular client at the best quality possible," asserts Gaurav. Aside from event management services, RedKnot also does promotions & activations, creative services and security & film production. Most event managers nowadays create the event, analyse it and then research on it to make it better. This arise lot of challenges like delays or worse, an event Armageddon. But strongly believing that research is the heart of planning, RedKnot pursues the orthodox Research-Analyse-Create model. "I am extremely proud of my team mates, as we haven't received a single verbal or written escalation/complaint in two years from clients," proclaims Gaurav.

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