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QA Mentor: Glimmering On Top with its Zeal to Mentoring Peers

si Team
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
si Team
As the Quality Assurance (QA) market is evolvingdrastically, testers nowadays must adapt to user behaviour, architecture & technologies to add more value. However, automated testing tools are not magic. It takes ample time and money to build the right automation framework withperfect methodologies, strategiesand above all, adequate personal to produce quality & successful deliveries. QA Mentor, Inc., a household brand in QA industry across 16 countries, utilizes a perfect mixture of automation and experienced testers, who know how to get things done faster and smarter.

This helps the New York headquartered company to match (if not beat) the price of anyone in the industry, despite investing hefty monies in the continual pioneering of best practices. Besides enthralling the likes of Citibank and HSBC, QA Mentor also energizesstart-ups, thanks to its prowess in optimizing the budget process. Unlike other companies that charge the same for junior and senior resources, QA Mentor offers its junior resources completely free of charge and allows its clients to interview their resources.

Genuinely Striving to Improve QA Industry's Quality

QA Mentor doesn't stop with providing 25 amazing services (which is much more than any of its competitors can boast) and utilizing more than 60 different automation tools (open source & enterprise versions) in line with a client's budget, needs and skill sets, but it also trains clients, so they can adapt to the methodologies best suited for those selected tools. Choosing value over fiscal imperatives, the company has engineered seven proprietary methodologies around performance, compatibility, security & mobile testing, which areoutlined on its website.

Aptly named, QA Mentor is renowned for sharing its wisdom via seminars, e-Learning classes and frequently published articles & videos in mainstream & online media. It also has a chat facility to answer anyone with doubts regarding their free use of junior resources. This zeal poises QA Mentor above the competition and empowers it to operate without a sales team. The 16000+ fans on its Facebook page and countless followers on Twitter substantiate that social media is also big force to QA Mentor.

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