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Psyche of an Indian Techie

Harry C.D.
Tuesday, October 3, 2006
Harry C.D.
The trend among techies today drifts between brand name, stability and money. They understand security without realizing insecurity as a state of mind.
As for security, it comes hand in hand with a sense of belongingness towards the organization and for this, it is necessary for the employee to feel that his contributions towards the success of the organization are significant.

The sense of insecurity, on the other hand, has rendered the techies as conscious individual players rather than being a part of the team. They like to have their independence while handling business and many even enjoy overriding their managers at every given opportunity on the belief that the manager is in no way overly qualified than the techie himself.

An embellished financial status of the company seems to have a directly proportionate impact on employee output. While there are numerous eager ears for any ‘feel-good’ story of the organization, the same ears turn nonchalant in the event of the organization’s failure. Extended hands that share the benefits of a growing business are promptly withdrawn in the face of a need to tackle impediments. Despite applying the best rationale and providing the best for the team members, there is always discontent in comparison with the fellow batch mates and contemporaries.

The following would be a reading into the psyche of a techie:
When the organization takes an interest in my well being, why should it hesitate to invest on my personal health? Increment offered may have been far above the market rate; however, it is far below my expectation. Why does the company not provide napkin for personal usage? Why should I not be allowed to pursue higher education? The company should provide for business class travel as I am traveling on an official requirement. Why should I sign a service agreement for pursuing my higher education at the cost of the company? I was not part of the team that took this decision, so I don’t owe anybody an explanation! You are just wasting my time discussing organization strategy; I am more concerned how it affects my personal goals.

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