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ProProfs: Easy-to-Use Online Training Solutions for Everyone

SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
SI Team
With the advent of smartphones, it has become much easier for everyone to stay updated on all grounds. The emergence of these devices and continuous innovation is making significant impact across several sectors and the latest to jump on this bandwagon is e-learning. While mobile devices have many advantages, they also have restrictions such as screen size, software support, and data input which makes it not suitable for educational purposes. ProProfs, a Los Angeles, CA based company, has come up with a solution that can make e-learning a better experience on mobile devices as well. Instructors need to cater to numerous devices, browsers, and operating systems to make learning more interesting and feasible across any mobile device, says Sameer Bhatia, CEO, ProProfs.

Initially, the company began its journey by developing simple quiz tools and has now grown into a major player by bringing in robust training products and knowledge base materials. The company's Knowledge Base software acts as a central powerhouse for companies to store documents, files, wikis, and other training material. This online source material can be easily accessed by employees. In addition, ProProfs provides Quiz and Training Maker software which can be used as online training materials by managers during the time of recruitment. "Our Knowledge Base software helps users instantly find answers to questions. Moreover, our online training solution makes learning possible any time and at any place," says Bhatia.

Serving some of the major Fortune 500 companies, ProProfs has come a long way from delivering simple quiz tools to advanced training products. Through their rapid growth and conceptualization of innovative ideas, several clients have gained massive benefits. For instance, a Fortune 500 company spread across the U.S. and Canada required a solution to train its hundreds of employees. "We addressed their need with our Training Maker solution, where the respondents had the privilege to undergo the foundation session as per their preferred time schedule," asserts Bhatia. The mobile nature of the training tool enabled the employees to attain the required skills through easy-to-use training material. "Our product saved the client abundant time, money, and also facilitated them to enlighten the employees with the most user friendly training solution,"shares Bhatia.

The simplicity and comprehensiveness of ProProfs' product is the key reason for their success. "The minimalistic nature of our solution helps attract more customers around the learning domain. We also own the world's largest free online library that encompasses over three million assessment questions on a range of subjects," states Bhatia. Apart from these aspects, ProProfs' reasonable pricing and round the clock service to customers is another competitive advantage that empowers the company to stay ahead of the rest. Moreover, to make the solutions easy-to-use, ProProfs has been constantly innovating at their lab. "It is essential to build significant systems and processes to enable rapid roll-outs and also ensure that we have the highest pace of innovation in the market," he adds.

With this goal in mind, Bhatia has plans of making the world a smarter place by developing robust and user-friendly knowledge tools. "We will continue our endeavor to help create a smarter and more knowledgeable workforce," concludes Bhatia.
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