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Pristine InfoSolutions: Sculpting out a Secured Interconnected Cyber World

Kavitha G.
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Kavitha G.
The global watchdogs have already sounded the alarm about the growing jeopardy of cyber attacks in the coming days extending from government to corporate houses and individuals. As data breaches and hacking schemes tolls up, corporates and other bodies are urged to adopt more robust form of data security to insure against any hacking. Talking about India, a research report attests that recent years saw a steep increase in cyber threats of about 136 percent and 126 percent in Indian government space and in financial services organizations respectively. It is estimated that an average non-tech company is spending around 5 percent of their total revenue on IT Security. While this features the reasons to fear from cyber attacks, there are only a handful of players who can provide the best degrees of security solutions. Pristine InfoSolutions is one such organization whose cyber security solutions can be vowed upon. Pristine is one of the pioneers in providing services, trainings and solutions that are equipped with potentials to counter global industry challenges in the field of Ethical Hacking and Information Security.

Beyond IT Outsourcing Services, Systems Integration, IT Infrastructure Management, IT Security and Audit Services, Cyber Crime Investigations and Cyber Law Consulting, Pristine vests its forte majorly in the entire spectrum of intensive information and cyber security training, thus supporting people to abreast hackers by mastering practical steps necessary for defending IT Infrastructure against the most dangerous threats. Backed by a unique, smart and professional approach, the trainings at Pristine are devised around themes like ethical hacking, penetration testing and Android apps development training. They also encompass customized, interactive and hands-on sessions such as corporate, classroom and online training, benefiting the whole array of customers, employees, partners and students.

In the cyber security world, ethical hackers are the lifeline for any organization and Pristine is driven by the exceptional innovative thinking and collaborative pool of certified hackers. "Our ability to meet the information security needs across industry verticals with commitment of quality delivery and partnering approach has been highly recognized in the industry which has positioned us as a leader in this segment," affirms Rizwan Shaikh, Founder & CTO, Pristine InfoSolutions.

While cyber-weapons, sophisticated phishing attacks and states-sponsored espionage usually grab the headlines and attention of organizations, it is found that the biggest threat to a company's integrity is the homegrown threats or rouge employees. To nullify this risk, Pristine offers world class security service framework engineered to defend against most vicious attacks based on attacking and defending highly secured environments.

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