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PlumSlice Labs: Addressing Missed Opportunities in Digital Commerce Realm with a Fresh Perspective

Susila Govindaraj
Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Susila Govindaraj
As ridiculous as it might sound, people nowadays utilize digital commerce to buy & sell almost everything including cow dung (true story!). This is yet another evidence to the fact that digital commerce is embraced by almost all demography across the globe and is emerging as an inevitable phenomenon for organizations of all sizes. Success in this environment comes down to being relevant; both business-to-consumer and business-to-business e-Commerce sites today must accommodate with relevant data for e-Commerce, mobile, print, stores, marketplaces, search engines, media partners, ad partners, X-sell and up sell partners among others. Also, with most companies having internal and extended teams including suppliers across the globe, the need for highly collaborative workflows related to product selection and supplier management has never been greater than now.

The sheer volume of product content as well as number of internal and external partners needed to create and manage this data has grown over tenfold in the last few years. To meet the ever-increasing expectations for a customer's experience, the sites need to contain relevant videos, descriptions, specifications, attributes, multiple images showing specifications, action shots, rotation, reviews, SEO info and X-up sell data. As this overwhelming volume of data and manual processes are being managed in silos via emails and spreadsheets by multiple internal & external teams, inconsistent and incorrect content get sent to various customer facing outlets, due to lack of ownership and communication issues. e-Commerce site operators know that incorrect or inconsistent customer-facing data is a major contributor to site abandonment and low conversion rates. In contrast to most existing solutions that are focused on old school siloed brick-and-mortar support around managing data and processes, PlumSlice solutions are built on a foundation of cross-functional collaborative workflow frameworks and automated data governance.

Led by Veterans

Nurtured by a team of e-Commerce and technology veterans who lived through these problems over and over again, PlumSlice is revolutionizing enterprise workflow and data management to vanquish these hardships. Being industry's first holistic retail product cloud offering, this San Francisco headquartered company has opened up a new space for omni-channel and e-Commerce companies with an ecosystem that fully integrates web and mobile collaboration tools with key functionality needed in today's evolved landscape. PlumSlice offers a framework for a distributed cloud-based workflow model to clean up, manage, and centralize access to product information and other backend processes including product selection and supplier collaboration to support commerce across sales channels and external marketplaces.

Built very recently from the ground up, this January 2016 launched ecosystem is comprised of the latest UI design trends & integration architecture, powerful yet lightweight collaboration based tools, best-in-class technology (ROR, Java, Hadoop) and solution suite built with SOA and Native Integration Points. Better yet, reflecting the evolving nature of digital commerce, the suite is being chiseled constantly with an evolving roadmap. Besides the management's deep domain expertise and a clear customer viewpoint, the phenomenon that sets PlumSlice far from its rivals is its elegantly configurable enterprise SaaS software with faster implementation rate that places limited demands on client's resources, not to mention that it is offered at a much lower cost. "Our partnerships with several ERP and e-Commerce platforms, such as Demandware, Marketlive, Magento, Shopify, and Amazon Web Services allow nearly seamless integration and implementation," affirms Abnesh Raina, CEO & Founder, PlumSlice Labs.

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