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March-2016  - Special issue
Cover Story
Author: Susila Govindaraj
As ridiculous as it might sound, people nowadays utilize digital commerce to buy & sell almost everything including cow dung (true story!). This is yet another evidence to the fact that digital commerce is embraced by almost all... more>>

In My Opinion

Virender Jeet, Sr. VP-Technology, Newgen Software
Case Management is an enterprise platform that relies on real-time collaboration and the tacit knowledge of case workers to... more>>

Startup of the Month

Susila Govindaraj
This is not a golden era for large service companies in the semiconductor industry, which is growing at a snail-like pace. As... more>>

20 Most Promising Networking & Security Companies

si Team
Bound by the growing realization of the cyber network security breaches and espionages, Indian enterprises are indeed striding... more>>
si Team
Encrust's exceptional price-performance ratio, solid reliability and unique modular cost-effective approach reassured that they... more>>
si Team
It is rightly said that securing information in an organization is worth storing diamonds in the present era of digitalization.... more>>

20 Most Promising Networking and Security Companies - 2016

si Team
Since time immemorial, networking and security are seen as the major bloodlines for any business. With the advent of... more>>

CXO Insights

V. Narayan Raman, Founder and CEO of Tyto Software
Test automation has considerably matured over the past decade. Most organizations have at least tried automating their tests.... more>>
Samartha Raghava Nagabhushanam, CEO & MD and Alok Kiran Divatia, VP-Sales & Marketing, 5BARz India.
Just two decades ago, for many, it would have been absurd to imagine their life without a landline phone. Serving a valuable... more>>
George Chacko, Principal Systems Engineer & Lead Technical Consultant, Brocade India
The New IP is a modern approach to networking that emphasizes on open, automated, software-defined elements to increase agility... more>>
Amit Nath, Head-Asia Pacific Corporate Business, F-Secure Corporation
Are smartphones the most lucrative target for cyber criminals? The answer has to be a resounding 'YES', due to multiple... more>>
Archana Sharma, Director, Xavient Information Systems
The Digital India Initiative is ambitious and aspirational. It aims to create a 'Digital' India wherein the world looks upon us... more>>

CXO View Point

Yolynd Lobo, Director-India, BSA | Software Alliance
The incredibly active Indian market is currently thriving with great ideas, resources, skills, attitude and above all - support... more>>
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