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November - 2008 - issue > Spotlight: Wireless

Ortiva Wireless: Cashing in on the mobile wave

si Team
Monday, November 3, 2008
si Team
Carriers invest a lot of money in their networks. But the reality is, spectrum is still a scarce commodity, and streaming multimedia can chew it up pretty fast. That's where Ortiva comes in. Ortiva delivers multimedia streams smoothly and with high quality given the available bandwidth in a given cell sector. In addition, Ortiva's advanced technology adapts multimedia for the variable bandwidth and unpredictable noise found in all wireless networks. By raising the efficiency of the exisitng infrastructure, carriers can avoid having to spend more money buying spectrum, equipment and increased operations cost. “We ensure a smooth delivery and a rich user experience by adapting the video/audio streams based on the network conditions the user is experiencing at the given time. For carriers it leads to better coverage and better utilisation of the network,” says Dr. Sujit Dey, Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Ortiva Wireless is a provider of the mobile Video Optimization Gateway (mVOG) that improves the delivery of streaming media to mobile subscribers. By managing individual subscriber sessions, the mVOG adapts and shapes multimedia content to maximize user experience in mobile networks. The core mVOG technology handles bandwidth fluctuations, unpredictable noise, network congestion, and both hard and soft handoffs during a subscriber's video session. By utilizing the mVOG, mobile network operators see greater customer satisfaction leading to greater revenue, profits and retention. In addition, mobile network operators gain greater coverage and control, network utilization and reduced customer support costs.
Sujit Dey founded Ortiva Wireless in 2004 based on innovative technologies developed at the University of California – San Diego (UCSD), where he is a Professor and heads the Mobile Systems Design and Test Laboratory. Since its inception, the company has raised $30 million in capital from Mission Ventures, Avalon Ventures, Artiman Ventures and Comcast Interactive Capital. Ortiva Wireless is planning to announce its first commercial deployment with a North American service provider in Q1 2009. In addition to this on-going deployment, Ortiva is in several trials with Tier 1 operators in Western Europe.
In this age when Value Added Services are gaining momentum, Ortiva definitely has a strong role to play, since it is uniquely positioned in the market at the right time.

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